The Cancéropôle has made a particular effort to list all technological and expertise platforms in its territory. You can access these platforms by interrogating our database.

If you have a platform that is not in our databse, please contact .

Below are some examples of platforms supported by the Cancéropôle:


Platform Quality of Life





Download the brochure (in french)

Heads :

  •  (CIC-EC, CHU Nancy)
  •  (Laboratoire de Santé Publique, AP-HM)

Contacts :

  •  (Secrétaire général)
  •  (Chef de projets)

Platform Métabolomic NMR-HRMAS







Web site

Head :

  •  (CHU Strasbourg)


Platform of Biology genomic, immunity, molecular and cellular biology


Platform created in February 2014 in Centre Georges-François Leclerc à Dijon has developped 3 axes:

  • Analysis of the tumor by pathologist, immunohistochemistry and genomic profiling
  • Isolation and characterisation of immune cells infiltrating into the tumors, as well as circulating tumor and endothelial cells
  • Molecular biology

Contact :

  •  (CGFL)


New generation sequencing activities have been developped since 2012 in the Institut de Cancérologie de Lorraine in Nancy to better respond to patients needs and allow diagnosis inovation.

Contact :

  •  (ICL)

Platform ITAC (Innovative Immune Targeting of Cancer)

Expertise :

  • Antibody production, screening of library
  • Preclinical evaluation and clinical modelisation

Download the borchure (in french)

Coordination :

  •  (CHU Besançon)



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